Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lookie Here!

This e-mail was waiting for me this morning, regarding my son Nicholas. I'm so excited.

This makes me feel much better about having him on medication.

Mrs. S,

I just wanted to let you know that Nick just had his Chapter 6 test, and
he was the highest scorer out of all of my algebra classes (He actually
ended with more extra credit points correct than points he missed). His
attitude and attentiveness have really improved, and his algebra grades
are definitely reflecting it!

Thanks, and have a great day,
Ms. H

Monday, March 15, 2010

Mom...You gotta come home NOW!

Holy Hell...those are words you DO NOT wanna hear from your 13 year old over the cell phone.

....luckily it wasn't a major crisis like I had first invisioned...but, it surely wasn't what I wanted to come home to on a Friday evening after work!

Something happened to my washing machine (God knows what) but...when I started a load this morning and left for work...the water NEVER quit running......ALL DAY!

There was about 2 inches of water in my laundry room, computer room, and living room :(

Of course...this wouldn't have happened if hubby was here, it ALWAYS happens during his stints away...URGH!

Anyone wanna come over and save me?! :)

Water, water, everywhere!

This was taken in my mom's front yard. There is usually JUST a ditch that runs close to the road, and you wouldn't normally even SEE it in this pic.
Nick decided to go swimming in the yard....and we joined him right after this shot. :)
He was standing in this pic, that is how deep the water was.

This is our skatepark downtown, it was COMPLETELY under water. Normally there is a small river that runs behind all the trees in this pic. Can you say flood :)


It all started over a year ago...after my dad's accident, and subsequent diabetes. We were discussing the effects of insulin and blood sugar. I decided to give everyone a lesson...and check their blood sugar after eating a big piece of cake and comparing the levels between a diabetic reading versus all of our non-diabetic readings.

This is when I discovered that my then 3 year old had a reading of over 200 (almost double the normal). Because it wasn't a "fasting" blood sugar, I waited and re-tested her the next morning...still high. I made her a doctor's appointment that day...even higher. The PA there told me she was diabetic and wanted to refer us to a new Ped in the area. I took the appt...but wasn't totally comfortable with that doc.

I ended up driving her an hour up to the children's hospital. By the time we got there, and were seen...her blood sugar was back to normal, figures. They wanted to check her first thing in the AM again...with no food...and I already had the standing order from the other doc...so, instead of admitting her...we took her home, and back up for blood work the next day.

That blood test was fine...but her Insulin level was low Kinda makes no sense......if your insulin is low...your sugar goes up because it's the insulin that converts carbs to blood sugar and gets the sugar inside your cells for energy. I followed up with the doc...he says, it's not off that much...don't worry about it right now, it's not diabetes we'll keep an eye on it.

ok...so, a YEAR goes by.

I'm at the doctor last week with her for a UTI. This doc (our new one) notices her off reading for the insulin level last year and asked what was done about it. Huh? Nothing...that's what the doc said to do!

She decided that it needs to be followed up on now...we retest her the next morning after fasting again....the results....

Normal blood sugar, low Insulin...again! Now she has to consult with another Ped, and an Endocrinologist.....looks like more blood work in the future for my little one :(

Photo of a photo

This is one of my favorite wall hangings that I have...Its a wire framed photo frame with 4 picture holders.
I have a pic of all 3 of my children in each Michigan Season :)
Spring - Grass background

Summer - Sand background
Fall - Leaf background
Winter - Snow background
...I TRY to change it each season


Halloween with our little Devil!!

Tricking with mommy....

Treating with daddy...

My BIG devil...

...and by the end of the day...my sleepy Devil :)

Of course, I have one more out there running around somewhere..but, at 15, he's too cool to be with mom and dad :)

Christmas Tree Hunt

This is where we started our annual Christmas tree hunt.

This is the starting point...you pick out which variety of tree you want (out of 10 types), then they take you on a hayride to the section of the farm that grows your specific tree. We picked a White Spruce this year.

Here are the kids all loaded up and awaiting the hayride....My 3 plus a girlfriend

Here we are with our find...before the cut.

And...here is our annual Christmas card pic...us with our tree :)

....nothing better than enjoying hot chocolate and candy canes while they drill, shake and wrap our tree.

Here it is PRE-decorations...

.....and POST-decorations!

Tis the season...Merry Christmas!!